Privacy Policy and Fair Lending Policy Statement

We firmly respect the privacy of your personal information and are committed to protecting it. We will not divulge any information we receive from customers to anyone. We will not rent, sell or give your name, email address or credit card information or purchase history to any other company, agency or individual ever. We will keep your name, address and purchase history securely on file, to better serve you as a returning customer.

At Sierra Credit, we do not discriminate against any applicant or discourage anyone on a prohibited basis from submitting an application. To assure that our employees have a clear and unequivocal statement of our commitment to a nondiscriminatory method of doing business, we have adopted the following fair lending policy. Employees must be thoroughly familiar with this policy and follow it.

1. We do not discriminate against a loan applicant or borrower on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, handicap, age, the fact that all or part of an applicant’s income comes from any public assistance program, or because the applicant has exercised in good faith any rights under any federal or state consumer law.
2. We do not selectively encourage applicants and we take no action that would, on a prohibited basis, discourage a reasonable person from applying for a loan.
3. We do not, on a prohibited basis, refuse to make a loan, vary the terms offered including the amount, interest rate, period or type of loan, or use different standards to evaluate collateral or decide whether to extend credit.
4. We avoid practice or policies that have a discriminatory effect. This rule applies to all phases of our lending business.
5. We do not base lending decisions on an applicant’s credit score or any prohibited basis other than age as a predictive factor.
6. We train our loan personnel in the principles of fair processing and underwriting.
7. Our Compliance Officer regularly review both our loan underwriting standards and the business practices by which we implement them to determine whether they ensure equal lending opportunity and reports to management.
8. We periodically review our loan portfolio and applications to make sure that we are serving the community adequately and on a nondiscriminatory basis in light of the community’s demographic characteristics and credit demands.